When Justice Calls…

When Justice Calls…

When Justice Calls…

When Justice Calls…

When Justice Calls…

When Justice Calls…

When Justice Calls…

Verdicts & Settlements

$4.0 Million

Defective Steering Linkage

$7.0 Million

Snubbing Unit Failure

$1.5 Million

Failure of Airbag to Deploy

$1.2 Million

Defective Roof System

$2.7 Million

Defective Seatback

$5.2 Million

Defective Restraint System

$3.0 Million

Fuel-Fed Fire

Joseph E. Ritch

At Elliott & Ritch, we do things differently…


​Elliott & Ritch, LLP is a nationwide law firm that was born out of a desire to be different from other law firms and lawyers who practice today. This firm’s whole existence is dedicated to making the lives of catastrophically injured clients better. Often times, a person is left to deal with the aftermath of corporate greed and deceit and try to put the pieces of their lives back together. Here at Elliott & Ritch LLP we are committed to helping with that process. Part of that process is to hold the guilty parties accountable for their conduct.

Often, the companies that cause these catastrophic injuries are giant corporations with bottomless resources and unlimited lawyers at their disposal to protect them from their wrongdoing. You need a law firm with the resources and know-how to level the playing field.

The team at Elliott & Ritch LLP is committed to leveling the playing field and holding these companies accountable.  With offices in Texas, Louisiana, and Georgia, our nationwide list of clients continues to grow. This firm has represented clients across the gulf coast states of Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida and continues to expand westward to states such as California and Colorado. 

Both Michael Elliott and Joseph Ritch spent their youths traveling around this great country, learning that no matter where you are from, right is right and wrong is wrong. If you are looking for a firm who can protect your legal rights and fight some of the biggest companies around, we are your choice.