Wills and Probate

When your loved ones pass, the last thing you want to be focused on is bureaucracy. Unfortunately, the process of legally and fairly distributing an estate can be lengthy and costly if not handled by an experienced attorney. A will may be incomplete, duplicated, or even missing. In cases of an incorrect or incomplete will, the last thing you want is to let the state decide how your loved one would have distributed their estate.

Executor Services

Without a personal representative, it is up to a judge to decide how to distribute your family’s estate. Often, this is based on a legal interpretation of a textbook definition. We work with the court as your representative to get what is best for your family and the fairest distribution of assets for everyone involved.

Contest of Will

If a will is incomplete, unclear, or even incorrect, you need legal representation to help make it right. We work with you and the court to find the best outcome for everyone concerned and help you get back to caring for your family.

Interstate Proceedings

When family members are in different states, conflicting laws can make probate services complicated and may take years to sort out on your own. We help you overcome the legal hurdles and distribute the estate as quickly as possible.

Intestate succession

When a loved one dies without a will, an attorney must be notified. If there is no attorney, the estate may default to the state. Attorney administration is necessary for all eligible heirs are accounted for.

The experienced Probate team at Elliott & Ritch is here for you. We help you navigate the difficulties of estate settlement, so that you can get back to supporting your family through this difficult time.

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