The worst case scenario for a homeowner is foreclosure. The bank may attempt to take away your house, leaving your family without a home and in a desperate situation. Even after you lose your home, you may find yourself owing thousands of dollars on a property you no longer own. You don’t have to face this alone. You need an expert on your side that is knowledgeable and willing to take on big banks in your defense. We are ready to support your family through these difficult times.


Loan Modification

A loan modification may save your home while reducing your monthly payments to a reasonable amount. Loan modifications not only provide you with options, they halt the foreclosure while negotiations are in process and may result in a win/win for both you and the banks.

Right of Redemption

If you are able to pay a portion of the mortgage in a set amount of time, you may be able to avoid foreclosure altogether.

Improper Service/Lack of Notice

The bank in charge of the foreclosure process is legally required to provide proper notice in a reasonable time, including a legal Summons that notifies you that there is a lawsuit against you. If they don’t, they may not be able to foreclose on the property at all. Sometimes, technicalities like the color of paper or the type of text a notice uses can be the difference between whether or not you lose your property.

Lack of Standing

Often, mortgage companies have sold your loan to another party. If they do not legally hold the loan, they are not able to affect your mortgage or home.

In cases of a foreclosure, the bank is counting on you not knowing your rights. They may send letters that are misleading and if legal documents are not served properly, you may be entitled to more time and/or renegotiation. If you suspect you may be in danger of foreclosure or have received any correspondence saying you are subject to it, do not waive your rights. Contact us immediately. You may have options.

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